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Root HQ

Root is a creative marketing agency.

Headquartered in Central California, we specialize in marketing Agriculture & Lifestyle brands. Our agency thrives on helping clients grow brand awareness and increasing their top line.

Stephanie Steelman

Co-owner and Marketing Director at Root, Stephanie oversees business operations where she promotes a healthy work life balance across our agency. With over 10 years experience in marketing and public relations for brands all across the globe and industry wide, she has helped establish marketing standards and goals for our agency and continues to play a large role in our clients' overall marketing strategies.

Co-Owner and Marketing Director

Sam Justice

Co-owner and Creative Director at Root, Sam is passionate about bringing visions to life. With 10 years of creative experience, specifically in the wedding industry, he has helped tackle the logistics in running our agency through his pragmatic approach. Sam’s mission is simple: deliver results to give brands the opportunity to stand out amongst a crowded field by telling their story.

Co-Owner and Creative Director

Alexandra Merritt

As a Marketing Account Manager, Alexandra brings a creative, fresh eye to our marketing team. Her experience working for companies like Dutch Bros Coffee and a number of established wineries across the globe inspires her to have a special knack for social media marketing, allowing her to stay ahead of the curve. In her role, Alex helps establish our agency’s company culture, elevating our thinking and producing results.

Account Director

Zach Bennett

Zach is the Marketing Strategist here at Root Marketing. With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, Zach brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Throughout his career, Zach has worked with renowned companies such as Yelp, Pappy's Fine Foods, and One Putt Broadcasting, helping them achieve their marketing goals and drive tangible results.

As our Marketing Strategist, Zach combines his deep understanding of consumer behavior, market trends, and digital platforms to develop innovative strategies that propel our clients to success. Whether it's optimizing digital ads, crafting compelling content, or harnessing the power of social media, Zach's strategic insights and creative approach ensure that our clients stay ahead of the curve in today's competitive landscape.

Marketing Strategist

Sara Johantgen

Sara is a highly experienced and well-rounded professional with over 20 years of experience in the Federal government sector. Her roles have included procurement, operations, and administration. Sara has a Bachelor's degree in Business Studies with a focus on operations and project management from Southern New Hampshire University. Her extensive experience, technical aptitude, and personal touch make her a valuable asset to the Root team.

Office Administrator

Joel Mariano

Joel is the Lead Content Producer at Root, helping brands stick out and share their authentic stories. Through his career, he’s worked and continues to work with brands like Daughters of Simone, Talley Vineyards, Harris Family Enterprises, and many others. Having spent a few years in the creative industry, Joel strives to make his ceiling our floor, for both our clients and team.

Lead Content Producer

Sarah Gonzalez

Sarah is a Jr. Account Manager at Root, acknowledged for her remarkable organizational skills and her passion for marketing strategy. With her extensive experience across various industries, she offers a unique perspective, ensuring that your story is brought to life in a way that drives success. Sarah is motivated and always ready to take on new challenges.

Jr. Account Manager

Ricardo Dorame

Meet Ricky, a content producer at Root Creative Marketing, with a passion for storytelling and video production. 

Outside of content creation, Ricky enjoys cooking, particularly crafting homemade pizzas and pasta dishes. Whether crafting compelling narratives for clients or experimenting with new pasta recipes, his commitment to creativity knows no bounds.


With a hometown pride for the San Joaquin Valley and a knack for turning ordinary moments into extraordinary content, Ricky is a content producer who brings a touch of authenticity and flavor to the world of marketing.

Content Producer

Daniel Borgatto

As a graphic designer, Daniel brings a wealth of experience spanning over 15 years in advertising, art direction, and design, with particular expertise in branding. With a degree in Advertising and Publicity Creation, a specialization in Arts and Graphic Design, and an MBA in Marketing Management (FGV), he has been able to understand how organizations, channels, and people behave to combine these parts intelligently to think and design new experiences. Daniel has developed successful solutions for several multinational corporations as well as collaborating with hundreds of agencies, startups, and partners worldwide.

Graphic Designer

Josh Troy

Meet Josh - the creative powerhouse with a passion for tackling diverse challenges and coming up with unique ideas that never fail to impress. Always up-to-date with the latest trends and armed with a keen eye for design that moves people emotionally, Josh is a team player who brings an infectious energy to every project. Music has been a constant in his life since he was a kid, and he's a streetwear fashionisto who also happens to be a connoisseur of the perfect cup of cofefe.

Creative Associate

Caetlyn Matthews

As Root's Project Coordinator, Caetlyn strives to make the communication, organization, and execution of projects as seamless and efficient as possible for our agency and its clients. With experience in marketing and event coordinating, Caet has an eye for the details and a determination to see things through to completion.

Project Coordinator

People are at the heart of what we do, and therefore, we have a heart for people. Our team becomes an extension of yours, passionately pursuing your brand objectives.

Our Team

At Root, our culture is everything.

Happy humans - it’s what’s important.

 We strive to create a place where people can learn, express themselves & let their creativity flourish while also doing the best they can to accomplish their job.

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