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One of the largest pistachio processors in the United States.

Social Media Management / Public Relations / Marketing Strategy / Graphic Design / Photography & Videography



Increase in Amazon purchases


Increase in followers across all social media platforms

Beginning: 1116 followers

Ending: 1780 Followers

Beginning: 1345 followers

Ending: 1480 Followers


Keenan Farms has always maintained a strong brand image in the industry. Our approach was to elevate their brand messaging and produce enticing visuals to a wider audience outside of their industry. Through the use of our variety services such as social media management, public relations, graphic design, photo and video, and strategic marketing campaigns, we completely transformed the brand digitally and allowed customers to see an inside look at the Keenan operations and their story, allowing them to feel more connected to the brand.


Keenan Farms is a family-owned and California-Grown Business, operating longer than any other California pistachio processor. Faced with the challenge of making a statement in a competitive market, we were tasked with crafting a compelling story to share their legacy in a modern way. Working closely with the Keenan team, our challenge was to produce an overall enticing modern-day brand that attracts new customers, and promotes an Amazon store presence on a national scale.

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