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A vertically integrated farming operation, operating 6 of the most successful agribusinesses in the world.

Social Media Management / Website Design / Public Relations / Marketing Strategy / Graphic Design / Photography & Videography


Produced and distributed globally


Increase YouTube views


Increase website views


Through engaging video content, we developed a virtual stay-connected concept, allowing Harris Family Enterprises to continue to communicate with their customers all over the globe. In addition, we created a clean, modern website to easily stay connected and informed with all the Harris Family Enterprises operations, giving customers a reason to engage with the sales representative more frequently and on a deeper level. This resulted in a new technologically advanced way of thinking, establishing a new form of communication for now and the years to come.


Harris Family Enterprises has been in the agribusiness since 1984. Although they’ve had great success over the years, the company saw a need for a variety of marketing services that would help elevate their brand and launch new modern elements of their company to the public and to their current customers. Covid-19 created a unique challenge for their employees to continue personal relations with international buyers and they needed a way to continue to share updates with buyers who were unable to visit their operations in person.

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