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A soil amendment and plant nutrition company owned by a family of multi-generational growers.

Social Media Management / Website Design / Public Relations / Marketing Strategy / Graphic Design / Photography & Videography



Brand redesign from website to collateral


Increase in followers across all social media platforms

Then: 330

Now:  1,149

Then: 87

Now: 154

Then: 13

Now: 254


Our strategy was to establish brand guidelines, develop a new logo, and modernize their website in order to reach a specific demographic of growers and independent PCAs. Through modern and grassroot marketing strategies, we were able to position the newly branded TEP, Inc., in front of their desired target market and help build an audience of potential leads.

“What started out as a family of growers purchasing a small operation with products we personally loved and trusted in our own fields, turned into an established national-scale brand that was able to attract new customers within the Ag industry. Our refreshed logo, updated website, and branded collateral continue to play a key role in the success of our business and the overall sales of our products.”  - Lee Erickson, TEP Partner


TEP, Inc., is owned by a family of multigenerational growers, offering powerful soil amendments and plant nutrition products that improve yields, the quality of soil, and overall health of plants. TEP, Inc., was struggling with their outdated branding & lack of brand awareness within their industry. They needed a company that was able to resource their sales team with a professional image and useful collateral to help push their products through in-person & online sales.

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